ilana freddye


Ballard Farmers Market

Another sunny day in Seattle this sunday (sunny day count: 4 for 15), so we headed to the Ballard Farmer’s Market for a produce filled family outing.

Every time I go the Ballard Farmer’s Market it makes me want to live there, and then I saw this & now there is no doubt in my mind that I want to live there. BBQ, bourbon, beer, ballard…bliss? I think so.

When people come to visit, they’ll stay here

First thing on the agenda at the market was Dante’s Inferno Dogs for my pops. It’s a top notch hot dog cart ‘round these parts, and they have some damn good homemade veggie dogs as well. The best is to do it up with cream cheese & kraut & grilled onions, maybe a little sriracha too. I’m not sure if the cream cheese hot dog combo is a “Seattle thing” but in my eyes that’s exactly what it is

Next stop, music.

Have you ever listened to Beirut? It’s a great little band and this fellow was playing one of their songs. I was impressed, and delightfully surprised.

He was also rockin out next to a sneaky little herb garden: oh hey, thyme & rosemary, just chillin out in Ballard like the rest of us

vegetables galore

Snacking on greens: purslane, kale & spinach

and a mish mosh of veg from Patty Pan Grill

Addictive Kale Chips. Dehydrator please.

Back to the produce, and it’s time for the fruit

more great music, this guy was seriously jammmin

Okay, I guess we better allow the carbohydrates to be represented as well, fair is fair

and the fungi too, porcinis & morels!

and then a sweet little dessert sample, jonboy caramels. They had two varieties, I preferred the salted caramel but this Absinthe & Black Sea Salt one was tasty too, and made with locally produced absinthe. gotta try that out!