ilana freddye


I still love Brooklyn

I’m really into Brooklyn, it’s just so dang cute. I went into the city last weekend to visit my wonderful mum! We went to Brooklyn for the day cuz I haaaad to show her the Brooklyn Flea

Here are some bits and pieces from the weekend:

cute sign outside of Traif, funny name

adorable jam, packaged so beautifully by Maiden Preserves The lady at the stand told us she mixes the orange & bourbon jam with bitters, bourbon & sparkling water for a tasty drink…sounds so good!

Brooklyn Brewery

This lox toast was delish & at such a cute stand, they used fresh smoked salmon, topped it with a aioli, black pepper, and scallions. mmmm great snack

raw chocolate bars?

home brewing kit from the Brooklyn Brew Shop. yes, I want one!

crispy porchetta, the smell was ridiculous. everyone, go roast pork!

Sandwich from Saltie, I’ve been dying to try a sammy from this place, so it was a convenient/exciting surprise to see that they had a stand setup

I got the Romaine Dinghy, it obviously had romaine….but also radishes, homemade mayo & anchovies on focaccia

uhhh is there a lot of surfing going on around Brooklyn? either way, I truly love the name of this shop!

Blood Orange glazed donut from Dough

The cutest frozen chocolate banana cart! Anyone want to start a stand/food cart with me in Brooklyn? I’ve been brainstorming

and last but not least, redefining BYOB: Bring your old Books!