ilana freddye


classy broad

Twas such a lovely weekend over here in “midstate” New York

On saturday I worked front of house for a catering event with some friends and it ended up being at a gorgeous farm about 45 minutes away.

Such an adorable event, I want to live on this farm

The rolling hills in the background are still part of the property, the never ending farm

There was a hard cider table, packaged in jars! Glass jars are one of my most favorite ways to store things and drink beverages out of.

Anyway, this cider was really great, perfect for a picnic & it’s made at a farm really close to my school.

The boy who was working the stand makes the cider with his dad. He was kind enough to give us a taste, great work break. Fun fact, he had this tattoo on his arm:

Thats not his arm but that’s what it looked like. anyone recognize that snake?

It took me a second to remember but it’s drawn by Benjamin Franklin & was the first political cartoon. Each segment represented one of the colonies & was labeled as such. Below the snake it said “Join or Die” when it was published in 1754

Thats one classy tattoo if you ask me.

They were also serving Hurrican Kitty IPA at the event, sadly I didn’t get a taste. Word on the street is that this beverage is also made right by school by Keegan Ales, I gotta try it!

The beautiful flowers at the event & yet another way to use those lovely mason jars

Onward to Sunday…

We went to New Paltz, a small town across the river & got lunch.

Fish tacos from Mexicali Blue & juice from Karma Road

teriyaki and Sesame marinated tuna with shredded cabbage, guacamole, wasabi aioli & lime in a grilled blue corn tortilla. mmmmm

and to drink, kale-cucumber-spinach-apple-ginger juice. I really love this stuff.

Chill out, I know it’s not your normal, run of the mill beverage-color but its freakin delicious! just don’t knock it till you try it. or whatever knock it all you want but you’re missing out.

and a nightcap just because I’m classy like that. Bourbon on the rocks with some snacks in the evening. told ya, I’m one classy broad! Its genetics, my mom is THE classiest broad so I was bound to inherit some of that finesse.

that’s an orange, trader joe’s dried montgomery cherries (the best dried fruit on earth), raw almonds (because I truly think they taste better than roasted) & a piece of  Vosges Black Salt Caramel Bar.

Just an FYI…this chocolate bar is ridiculous, my wonderful friend Conner and I discovered this beauty while doing our culinary internship in Aspen. It’s pricey but soooo good. again, classy. so classy.