ilana freddye


barbeque for days

I’ve been a busy bee with work and class so my pictures are lacking, a few days a week I help out with the cooking classes that the school offers for the people either from the industry or whoever else wants to come and take a class.

This week I helped with a barbeque boot camp and they made some pretty awesome meat

pulled pork, 12 hour smoke. I want a smoker at some point in my life, ha maybe when I’m living on a farm and raising my own livestock?

beer can chicken!

look at those sexy ribs! yes, they also made bbq sauce.


mmm I love grilled corn, I think it always tastes best at fairs though, weird deal.

Sort of a ridiculous amount of food for a class of 10 people, but all the chefs come in and snag some food when it’s tasty stuff like this…

check out the final spread

aaaand here are the 6 shots of espresso that help me get through these long days! ha I only had 4 of the shots and it was more than enough…next time we’ll shot for 3.