ilana freddye


"there's a special place in hell for wine snobs"

I started wines class today! Classes here change every three weeks (which complements my attention span) most of them are in the kitchen but there are a few exceptions 

To begin with, I don’t know very much about wines at all, the way I see it if it tastes good…drink it, also I’m not sure how I feel about 5 hours of wine lecture everyday and tasting where you have to spit out the wine (it’s probably really unprofessional of me to have a problem with that, but come on! it’s pretty wasteful) but here’s hoping I learn a lot of new shit!

Today we tasted the following wines:

Brut, Rosé of Pinot Noir from Cava Spain

Riesling from Monteray, California 2007

Chardonnay from Sangiacomo Vineyard in Carneros, Cali 2008

Beaujolais-Villages from Burgundy, France 2009

Cabernet Sauvignon from the Colchagua Valley, Chile 2008

Riesling Icewine from Niagra Peninsula, Canada 2006

and a 20 year Tawny Porto from Douro, Portugal

There’s a lot of new information rolling around right now, but I’m attempting to keep track and calling the library my second home.

Thoughts: the Icewine was not my thing, ridiculously sweet…it tasted like honey, the Port was niiice-also very sweet but I think it would be delicious with some blue cheese and dried mission figs