ilana freddye


memorial day bbq

Well, I was in the Boston area for the weekend and had the pleasure of attending a true memorial day bbq!

It was such a great spread: fresh veggies, with an array of dips including an outstanding red pepper/eggplant dip by Sue (that I need to get the recipe for), some smoked blue fish, burgers, franks, delicious salsa with beans, corn & cilantro, summer rolls with avocado & some sort of great green dip, yummy marinated cucumbers, potato salad, snap peas & corn…so good. There was so much & it was all deeeelicious.

We/mostly my wonderful Aunt Ellen made a mixed green salad with strawberries, goat cheese, dried blueberries & candied pecans (a great summer staple)…I helped out with some crispy croutons made with leftover bread.

and for dessert…

peggy made her famous chocolate chip cookies which I failed to take a picture of, Marji made cupcakes with some of the best frosting I have ever tasted  (I think frosting just tastes better when its pink, thoughts?) and Susan made these adorable ice cream sandwiches