ilana freddye


locanda verde

A couple weeks ago I went into the city with some wonderful friends and had dinner at Locanda Verde for my birthday. 

Aubrey and I shared, because we pretty much wanted all the same dishes…it seems to be a trend, a great trend. here’s what we settled on:

blue crab crostini with jalapeño and tomato

grilled bread with sheep’s milk ricotta, olive oil, sea salt & herbs 

so simple. so good. maybe i’ll start a ricotta appreciation blog? ricotta deserves that and more.

fritto misto of rock shrimp, Ipswish clams & calamarif(shout out to clams all over the world….you are so efffing tasty!!!) and i do believe that was a blistered little pedron pepper right there on top, perhaps my favorite of any green pepper


spring pea ravioli with pancetta, ramps(wild leeks, i reallllly want to go foraging for ramps round these parts) & parmigiano reggiano

mmm look at all that green, peas are so great. I want to spend a weekend cooking with peas, and listening to csny. i’ll put that on my to-do list.

Check out this cocktail my buddy got for me

yup that’s one HUGE ass ice cube! impressed. it’s those extra inches on the ice cubes that really wow me as a customer…

huh I really don’t recall what was in this drink but I know there was rye. well, it was some form of whiskey, i’m liking whiskey more and more lately

what a great way to start the truly lovely month of May.