ilana freddye


Borough Hopping

First we went to the Brooklyn Flea (sidenote: i really love their sight design, the font & those cute flea markety drawings are great)

Porchetta had a little stand, but they ran out, made for a great picture though!

We found this stand and got grilled mahi mahi tacos. mmm

check out that great hot sauce line up too! valentina and tapatio…not too shabby

I thought this stand looked pretty darn cute too

I spotted this on our walk over, so sweet

Aubrey spotted Oasis so we had to stop in for a snack. such crispy falafel, but what we really came for were all the salads and the israeli pickles for me.

and we saw a fella painting this back in the village

Later we cooked a simple dinner for my cousin in Queens. no pictures though….