ilana freddye


Revere Beach

On the way out of boston we stopped at Kelly’s on revere beach,

Just a tid bit of information…kelly’s pretends they are famous for their roast beef (i’ve never tried it there and don’t really have any interest in doing so) but in my eyes they are famous for the lobster roll

It is easily the best lobster roll you will ever eat. It’s packed with the meat from 2, yes 2 one pound lobsters, mixed with the smallest bit of mayo and cellery and put on a griddled buttered bun.

The kelly’s on Revere beach is the best way to go, first off its right on the water, secondly the other locations aren’t aesthetically what i go for

Aubrey and I shared a lobster roll and fried clams.

if you haven’t had fried clams than you better get on that asap, and you should probably get on that in cape cod and if you don’t like seafood then its high time you change you’re palate…but thats just my personal opinion

It was windy but we played on the beach for a bit and found one hell of a variety of shells