ilana freddye


Matzoh Brei

Matzoh brei! The only reason to like passover. Just kidding. Maybe.

But really here’s the secret recipe:

2 pieces of matzoh, preferably yehuda brand
1 egg
A bit of butter
Cinnamon sugar

How To
First you crumble the matzoh into medium sized pieces or small if you so prefer

Then you cover it in warm water, let soak for a hot minute and drain out all the water

Next you beat the egg, toss it with the matzoh and season with a bit of salt

Heat up a small saute pan, melt approximately however much butter you want to use and throw in the matzoh-egg mix

Mix it around but also allow it to sit and get nice and crispy, repeat untill crispy and cooked

Get it out of the pan…now! sprinkle with some more salt (maybe even a little sea salt if you’re feelin frisky) and some cinnamon sugar and there you have it.

Don’t ever underestimate passover again.