ilana freddye


guanciale update

I haven’t seen the guanciale in few days but my friend Peter has been flipping the meat and keeping an eye on it

here it is after a few days in the fridge…niiiiiice and shiny

Yesterday the pig face came out of the fridge and is now hanging in a makeshift drying area, if all goes according to plan we will NOT die when we eat it…

In a couple day we’ll wrap ‘em up in cheesecloth and move them to the garage so its a little cooler. And then it’s just a waiting game, it should dry for 30ish days in an area that is 50-60 degrees fahrenheit (the garage should work well) and has 60% humidity.

blah blah blah

pretty much just be smart and know what the ideal times and temps are & then just use your best judgement

keep in mind this stuff will be cooked eventually so it’s not as risky as making stuff that won’t see the heat (liiiiike salami)