ilana freddye



I went to visit family in Boston this past weekend with my lovely friends Aubrey and Taylor, it was a good time as always & a great break from school/poughkeepsie/hyde park, here are some highlights:

a stop in the north end for pizza & then some cannolis at mike’s pastry

check out that candid of the pizza feasting, i even got lily in the corner with some melty cheese and there’s aubrey all stoked for the treats

dinner for the fam

I made fresh ravioli (with a ton of help with all the ravioli forming), half were filled with ricotta & fresh herbs (oregano, basil & chives) and the other half had mushrooms(regular button mushrooms, hedgehog & oyster mushrooms), leeks, a liiiiitttle white wine & a couple tablespoons of the ricotta

the super tasty ricotta…quality ricotta has so much more flavor than the standard grocery store variety

Aubrey made herby foccacia (better than the kind we made in class), grandpa jimmy really loved it

and the pea salad. i just really love peas…a lot

Taylor made some dope tomato sauce, also a jimmy favorite…okay i guess he was really into the whole meal now that i think about it cuz he loved those mushroom ravioli quite a bit

and we finished with some blueberry pie from petsi’s pies