ilana freddye


Portland, Oregon

went to portland a little while back and we managed to eat our way through the city…

for brunch we went to tasty n sons. man oh man i loved it! it was cozy and had such a great neighborhood feel and the food was great. I didn’t get very good picture so these ones are from their website.

I went with my friends Adina and Chelsea and we shared a couple dishes. It was a good amount of food and the bill was under $30. in conclusion…eat at tasty n sons if you’re in portland.

This is what we ordered:

Chocolate Potato Doughnut with crème anglaise

Radicchio with parmesan reggiano vinaigrette (it was served in a chilled glass bowl with great wooden salad server/tosser things…is there a name for that?)

Erin’s Sweet Biscuits with blueberry compote (sooooo damn good and pictured above)

Cast Iron Fall Vegetable Frittata with squash, cauliflower, brussels sprouts rapini & feta (thats from a newer menu, i think ours had caramelized onions not the brussels and the cauliflower)