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Which Came First?

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I write to you from a bus heading to Portland - The sky is impossibly clear, the towering evergreens are the only thing that assure me I am still in the Pacific Northwest. The road is steady and endless, the journey is easy.  There is this very specific combination of anxiety and suspense that both excites and calms me. A duo that I often lose myself in while traveling, a combination of contradictory sensations that somehow settle inside me creating an undeniable peace.  

These are the moments I crave, this is the life I dream of. Moving and creating, all wrapped up in a simple package, tied with a bow, topped with a pair of sturdy boots and a comfy beanie.

I’m in limbo now, gone from my last nomadic jaunt across the country and eagerly awaiting the next journey. I work in an office somedays, occasionally I venture to Oregon,  I take pictures of cooks and food and farms, I make myself breakfast salads and ornate toasts. And sometimes I make the opposite of that

Sometimes there's leftover fried chicken that can easily be excused as breakfast food if you pair it with eggs.

That's how it works, I'm sure. Eggs + something = breakfast.

egg on counter

All you need to know for this one is how to cook an egg. There's a million ways to do this so here's one:

  1.  Bring a small pot of water to a boil
  2. Gently drop the eggs in with a spoon, don't let them crack (this is your one responsibility, don't blow it!)
  3. Cook for 5 minutes
  4. Remove eggs, and dry them off
  5. Place in egg cup (or shot glass) and cut the top off

The egg will be soft-cooked and the yolk will be runny. Not into that? Simply let the eggs cook for longer. 

fallen egg

The Hands That Feed Us

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apple peeling

I first began taking photos when I started this blog. I figured the only way to make someone want to eat something was to grab their attention with a photo that literally made their mouth water. After getting the hang of that process – plating food, adding cute napkins, and snapping some shots – I became more and more interested in documenting the process, of capturing the hands that build the food. I’ve had the pleasure of watching and working with a number of inspiring chefs, farmers and even shuckers through my travels and I’ve made an effort to document them in their happy place as they create. To photograph the people that work with their hands to plant, harvest, cook, cut, plate, and feed us.

I just shared a gallery of working hands over at LETumEAT, here's a few photos from the stash but be sure to click this link to head over to the site and check out the whole gallery! - Once you're over there I recommend clicking  an individual photo and scrolling through - trust me, it's better that way.

hands that feed us

On The Road Again

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This is now my second year on "tour" - my second year traveling across the country in a big pick up truck, my second year stopping at state signs, eating regional fare, falling in love with farms, baby goats, and awfully impressive farmers, my second summer of very little sleep, long drives, truck-bed-organizing, and table shimming. In this two year period, half will have been spent attached at the hip to seven other people with whom I constantly pee outside, bicker, and laugh.

In that time I have neglected this space. Time on the road with a gaggle of eccentric people tends to absorb your alone time, your blog time, your listening to your own music time, your reading a book time. I'm stopping by to drop off some photos of my adventure and I plan to be back soon.