ilana freddye


b. 1986, HK.

hot dog costume

Ilana Freddye is a food and lifestyle photographer. She specializes in natural light farm and food photography. Ilana is also available for recipe development, home cooked meals, and dinner parties. Her passion for highlighting local farms and artisans can be seen in both her cooking and photography. 

While living in Israel and later attending The Culinary Institute of America, she developed a passion for organic farming, regional cuisine and photography. After graduating she landed at Outstanding in the Field, spending a few years on the road with them, setting up dinners, traveling across the country, visiting farms and photographing it all. 

In 2016 she packed a couple of boxes into a storage unit and started work as a private chef in New York. Ilana has been on the move ever since - In between private chef work she can be found traveling, either across the U.S. by car or around the world with a small carry-on. She is available for photography projects and recipe development as well as additional private chef work.

Her photography work has been published in Sunset Magazine, Food & Wine, Garden Design Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler Online,, Huffington Post, Shape Magazine Online, Bon Appétit Magazine Blog, Rova Magazine, and BOXY Magazine.