ilana freddye

food and lifestyle photographer

I'm ilana, my middle name is Freddye - the 'e' at the end is just for show, it's pronounced like 'freddie'. I am a food and lifestyle photographer based in the Pacific Northwest. 

I've been to all but 2 states, I'm often found with a hat on and I live for road trips. I have lived in Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Washington and Israel. I want to go EVERYWHERE. I love to cook, bake, eat, draw, paint, and take photos. I also have an affinity for fonts, stripes, hikes, and mason jars. I think splatter paint is wildly underrated and everyone should live on a farm at some point in their lives.

Thanks for stopping by, for any questions, inquiries, or just to chat you can contact me at ilanafreddye [@] gmail [dot] [com].